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Chromatec Crystal 9000

Chromatec Crystal 9000

Technical specification:
System capability: 3 inlets, 4 detectors, 13 heat zones, 6 valves
Column oven range: from 4 degrees above ambient to 450 °C
(Temperature range may be expanded with optional items)
Temperature setpoint resolution:  0.1 °C
Number of ramps and plateaus: 999
Maximum run time, events time: 1999 min
PM3 Electronic CPU controling system
Column oven dimension (WxDxH): 250 mm x 165 mm x 290  mm
Cool down time from 450 to 50  °C: 5 min
(Cool down time may reduced with optional items)
Internal storage 4GB to save the data
Communication Interfaces:  LAN (Ethernet) and USB
Power Requirements:  ~220V ±10%, 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption: 2500W (Max at heating), 700W (average)
Unitary Electronic Pneumatic Control:
– Pressure measuring unit: kPa, psi
– Carrier gas type: H2, He, Ar, N2
– Pressure control and setpoint resolution: 0.01 kPa or 0.001 psi
– Working mode: Constant Pressure, Flow or Velocity
– Number of pressure/flow program ramps: Unlimited
– Maximum pressure: 1050 kPa (152 psi)


Crystal 9000 is a high-end gas chromatography system created to meet all challenges. The original design of the system’s components offers a universal platform to reach maximum flexibility and efficiency.

25 years of experience launched Chromatec to develop the fully automated Crystal 9000 GC to cover a wide range of applications with the easiest way to function.

Crystal 9000 GC’s additional tools and accessories could be provided to increase productivity and laboratory throughput.

By that, we have managed to reach the unreachable, unifying the three aspects of any analytical instrument:
    – Performance in task solving
    – Stability during the time
    – Cost-saving


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