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TDS 2 Stage Manual

TDS 2 Stage Manual

Technical specification:
(2-stage, single tube 6x115mm)
Operating principle: 2 stage thermal desorption
Capacity: Single tube
Sampling tubes: 6 x 115mm glass or SS 316 (activity tested)
User interface: 4-line LCD display with keyboard
remote control by Chromatec Analytic SW
Repeatability: RSD < 2%
Compatibility: GC Chromatec-Crystal series
Sample path:SS 316 (activity tested), 0.8mm internal diameter
Electronic pressure and flow control: 2 digital gas controllers
Carrier gas flow (0-200 ml/min)
Purging gas flow (0-200 ml/min)
Methods storage: Up to 10 methods storage
Sorption tube temperature: T (amb) +10 … 400˚C ,
Desorption time: 0 … 60 min
Leak test: Automatic before desorption
Trap cooling principle: Electrically powered Peltier
Trap Temperature range:        – 20 … + 400 ˚C
Trap Heating rate: Up to 2000 ˚C/min
Trap Desorption time: 0 … 15 min
Switching valve temperature: +150 … +250 ˚C
Valve actuator: Electrical
Switching valve material: Stainless steel
Transfer line temperature: +150 … +250 ˚C



Single-channel two-stage thermal desorber is the best instrument for determination of VOC in air and many other GC or GC/MS applications. Chromatec TDS meets to requirements of international standards TO-17, ISO 16017, ISO 16000 and others.


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