Chromatec TDA




Application range:
– Volatile and semi-volatile compounds determination in ambient / indoor / workplace / car air by thermal desorption
– Food, flavor and fragrance analysis
– VOCs emmissions determination, toxins/VOCs extracted from different materials (paints, coatings, fibers, packages, construction materials, plastics)
– Trace VOCs in water and soil

– Fully automated High performance Thermal desorber
– Automatic loader with 50 tubes capacity tray
– Compact benchtop design, easy to connect to a GC or GC-MS
– Touch screen with graphical interphace
– Peltier cooled trap is free of cryoagent demand
– Integrated UEPC, 3 channels for carrier gas, blowing gas and split vent
– Sample re-collection available
– Inert Sample path heated up to 350˚C suitable for C2 – C44 range as well as for labile components determination
– Compliant with: US EPA TO-14, TO-15, TO-17, ISO 16017-1, 16017-2