Manual Headspace DRP-4 (1 mL HS syringe)

Technical specification:
For introducing of volatile compounds to GC.
Manual Syringe headspace sampling
Syringe type: Special headspace SGE Diamond TM Syringe
Vial incubator working principle: Heating & Shaking
Vial incubator capacity: 4 vials
Vial size: 20 mL
Syringe temperature: 35 …150 ˚C



Chromatec DRP4 Manual Headspace is an economical solution that enables you to use the headspace technique to measure volatile and semi-volatile compounds in your sample without additional preparation. The system does not connect directly to the GC and can be used with any existing gas chromapography system.
High cost of automated headspace systems limited the headspace technique usage, but now, Chromatec DRP4 with low ownership cost and advanced design achieves excellent performance with high accuracy and reproducibility.
Very simple, robust and easy to use manual sampler makes headspace applications allowable for any laboratory.

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