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Our Approach

Lambor Scientific B.V experience and asset in the following fields:
I. Pharma:
Each pharmaceutical factory may benefit from our services that include improving products quality, quality control, raw material concentrations, active material efficiency in the final products, producing lines machines and pharmaceutical routine tests.
We offer basic quality control equipment like FTIR, HPLC, TOC,dissolution testers and other basic laboratory testers.
We also introduce high-end technical instruments for Ru0026amp;D pharmaceutical laboratories like LCMSMS systems, GCMS, ICPMS, AAS.
Lambor Scientific B.V. is a specialist in providing laboratory turnkey project for pharmaceutical factories according to their product list.

II. Education:
A. Faculty of Science:
 For undergraduate level: supplying their laboratories with heavy-duty scientific equipment ready for teacher’s and student’s use. We offer wide range of educational equipment (microscopes, basic laboratory equipment, glass wares, spectrophotometers, ovens, incubators, physical experiments, simple gas chromatograph, liquid chromatography etc.)
 For master and PhD. level: providing high tech research laboratories in all fields (GCMS. GCMSMS, LCMS, LCMSMS, ICPMS, AAS,TOC, CHNS, element analyzers, electron microscopes, FTIR, spectrophotometer as well as air and marine environmental stations for university researches).
B. Faculty of Engineering:
Services include a complete line of engineering testing machines for constructing and raw materials, as well as turnkey projects for petrochemical laboratories.
C. Faculty of Pharmacology:
We set up a toxicology lab for them, and, as well as pharmaceutical companies, we provide them with HPLC, FTIR and other pharmaceutical testers.
D. Faculty of Medicine:
We supply them with high tech microscopes (florescence, inverted, special genetic microscopes), DNA and RNA labs and forensic labs.
E. Faculty of Agriculture
We are ready to set up turnkey laboratory projects for agricultural subject like animal feed, soil quality, pesticides and genetic engineering for animals and plants.
III. Environment
A. Air monitoring
We are experienced in installing fixed and portable environmental stations for monitoring air pollution (SO2, H2S, TRS, NO, NO2, NOX, NH3, CO, CO2, O3, THC, BTX, VOC…) as well as tracking continuous weather conditions online and sending data to a central station. These stations have also an air sampling function that we proceed to main laboratory to make more specific analysis.
B. Seawater
Good experience with marine research institutes and their laboratories. We offered them consultations, taught different methods from sampling to printing reports and supplied them with the following scientific instruments:
 Atomic absorption spectrometers- to study heavy metals in the see shores and shore animals and plants, especially the contamination by lead and arsenic.
 GCMS- to study pesticide traces in the see shores and organisms and oil organisms.
 HPLC- to study many kinds of hydrocarbons in the marine environment.
 and many other instrument and equipment.
We offer them setting up marine stations distant 50 meters from the sea shore in order to monitor the parameters of the water (Conductivity, temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, blue green algae, chlorophyll, turbidity, pH, Oxygen Reduction Potential) and the weather above the stations (wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, current flow u0026amp; direction).
C. Freshwater
For drinking water companies, we apply the same methods as for the seawater, concentrating on the water quality and purity.
IV. Food
Our experience in this field consist of measuring parameters for food quality (protein content by Keldahel, amino acid content by AAA, vegetable contents of pesticides, nutrition information for all kinds of food, DNA meat analysis, moisture content, lipid content, fiber contents etc.).
V. Forensic
The majority of Lambor Scientific B.V. services and solutions are provided within the forensic field. We designed turnkey lab projects for these three important forensic sections: toxic laboratory, chemistry laboratory, explosion laboratory. We trained the employees and made them qualified to work with many kinds of forensic cases. We are now working on a turnkey laboratory project for a DNA profiling laboratory.
VI. Medical
We supply our clients with some of medical consumables.
VII. Industry
Company deals with many industrial factories, such as pesticide factories (analyzing the raw material’s purity and final product quality), Linear Alcil Benzen factory, Aluminum factories, Steel factories etc.

Our Story

Lambor Scientific B.V is a successful company formed by the joint efforts of an experienced team in the analytical business and its related activities in terms of sales, installation and maintenance.
Our structure is based on the activities and business volume we are active in and we are willing to invest in the expansion of our personnel and logistic structure according the business need and forecast.
Achievements of the Company and its Principles
Due to the experience and customers’ trust in the company team, Lambor Scientific B.V. is currently active in all the tenders and is working closely with the private sector.

Meet the Team

F. Razeq

Founder u0026amp; CEO

Biochemist. Expanding in analytical business is his number one priority.

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